Fanny leeb - I can't do it

Late nights of driving through the canvas 
Eight miles to another pounding heartache 
Shut eyes and lip stains on your shoulder 
Mailbox full of my handwritten letters 
Why all the knocks on my door 
They left me thinking you might have more
Your moves are breaking me and I'm sore 
It's hard to keep away like I said I would

and I can't, I can't do it

Who knows I'm left here out of reach 
Who knows it’s getting hard to breathe 
In this Indian Summer hour 
I'm reeling right back to where we were

Stormy pattern for days 
And lightning striking right in my chest
We rise and fall like leaves in the rain
It's hard to keep away like I said I would

And I, I can't do it
So come on and lay here darling 
We'll never be friends for nothing 
The battle is worth a shot since you 
Lovin this like you hate it
Anyone else would do it 
Anyone else would try it
Anyone else would lay here
Anyone else would stay
And I can't, I can't do it...

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