Værisa - R a d i a n c e

I spent so long in the dark
I thought the sun had drowned us all
These vines, so tight around my arms
Those thorns were ripping me apart

I couldn't fight, and when I tried, I dug deeper down
Into the chasm where I fell far underground
I couldn't lie, and when I tried, my mouth grew stitches made of briar
So I could never make a sound

Show me the light that will lead me home
I never wanted to be alone
Sorry for every single thing I've done
Unearth my body and carry my bones
This is the death of the life I've known
No one should ever see what I've become

There was one shine in the night
One glimmer that kept me there alive
But when I reached I would find
I couldn't take what wasn't mine
I didn't stop, I couldn't watch, as I tore everything else down
Just to pick myself back up
I didn't know, the sickness grows, and overcomes the path you chose
Until it's better giving up

(Let me go)

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