Værisa - V e n d e t t a

I struggle to find my pace
And I seem to replicate
All the mistakes I've made
This road I can't evade

I struggle to verbalize
And I feel a thousand eyes
Creeping up my spine
As if they can't decide
What Am I?

It's been so long
Since I've been someone
All these burdens break
What used to have such strength
What am I?

Never thought I'd be here again
The same place where it all began
Chained up with the past
And there's no going back
Never thought you would bring me here
To the start of all of my fears
Chained up with your ghost
And I'm never coming home

I struggle to calculate
The reason I complicate
The things I love, and wanna barricade
These battles are in my head
But I can't get over them
No I can't get over them

And when the night comes
It's coming for me
To take me under
And I'll be waiting
And when the night comes

I'll be waiting

Never thought you would let me go
Came to find you make me feel alone
You only held me with your shadow
Born in raised that message in my head
I'm not supposed to be important
You're just like them
You're just like them

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