Værisa - F e r v o u r

I saw that shadow at the door
And I'm always left to wonder
Have I seen him there before?
Or is he just a stranger
I've tried everything to find
That nothing keeps me safe at night
I keep those torches burning bright
But they always find a way inside

Each time I light a fire it dies
I'm running out of matches to strike
Every time I see it getting brighter
It rains

It was that old familiar face
That struck me with conviction
But all these tricks and masquerades
Have me screaming "fiction!"
They say "run, run!"
Just run away
Yet they get stronger every day
Maybe I should turn to face my fears
And end this all right here

In the dark I remain
And I've learned that we're one in the same
I just wanna trust you, wanna be held close
Color me with your words, love I've never heard

I've been running for so long
And right, right when I become
Someone you see, you see getting brighter

It rains

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