Mac mall - Mac's fashion


I keeps it in a mac fashion
I keeps it in a mac fashion
I keeps it in a mac fashion, mayn
I keeps it in a mac fashion

[Verse One: Mac Mall]

About the game
I'm not just another player in it
I live it and stay committed
To my mac'n religion
I be the high preist
Of this colt technique
Manipulate the whole world when i speak
Can't say that its easy
Free-sell the hot the blow of the weed
But only real mac's notcure the dream
I like the plastic niggas
That kind that trick they cash on bitches
Then wonder why she chosen on me
The one that break a bitch profesionally
A gang slave she could never be free
Think sobered to check my pedigree
Fool, I stay in they dome like weed
And I brought that breed
Gotta prayer when I'm poppin them pee's
I mac there for I am
2-short for a sucka or sweater fuck my program
But needless to say
Shade Trees try to get in my way
But you can only hate what you can't fade
More than half of y'all is bitch made
So fuck you and the small change dame that you saved
Man I mac a hoe to the grave
Pimp a bitch till she slit her wrist
Don't trip that's boss shit
Thou sha'll not rest hathan
Or trick in the name of Temptation
Never let a hood-rat hoe get nathan
But un-cut game
Hear what I'm sayin


[Verse Two: Mac Mall]

I'm like a hustler hoes wed. dream
A broke hoe nightmare
And suckers sees it so i must declare war
I'm in and out pimp slaps and roller choke hoes
To anybody trying to step on my toes
Can't call yourself a Mac cause you wear a kango
It takes more than some jewerly and a pimped out loc
See it's, larger than the ladies
And its deeper than dough
It's a whole way of life that you must up-hold
Can't claim to be a playa
Then come to the rescue
Of a bitch cause she claiming that she loving on you
Can't trick low dollars
To make her look proper
Have her in Masquino, godgie and cabona
Nah nah mac mall
Won't slurge on y'all
All i want is your feddy and maybe bomb jaw
that's right big hitters don't quit till I tell you
Girl let me see you swallow 10 inches or better
Nigga mac's ain't they think war
And it don't matter where I'm at
I'm gonna keep it real true to my form
Keep it mac'n mayn
Keep it mac'n hoe
I'm gonna leave you how i found you bitch flat broke
So on that note
You better get crackin
Cause whatever I'm doing
I keeps it in a mac fashion
You know
I keep it in a mac fashion mayn
I keep it in a mac fashion

[Talking: Mac Mall]

Ha Ha
Yeah that's right Take that
This is what i want you to do right now mayn
I want you to take your drinks whatever your drinking or whatever your
And I want you to put that shit up in the air one time aiight
For all my Mac Partnas you know
Homeboy Jay what's up
Yeah that's right
For all my real mac'n ass parters who won't conform
To fit in with the norm
Shake them squares mayn
Keep that shit in a mac fashion you know
You can always get your way
You can always have it your way mayn
You can always have it your way mayn
I keeps it in a Mac Fashion
I keeps it in a Mac Fashion mayn
I keeps it in a Mac Fashion
Tyree what's up
HUH, let me hear you mayn
Take me back some
Oh you want to end it like that (Yeah that's cool)

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