Eminem - Friends
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My friends have told me
It's all around me
The signs of you guys
Being there too
I know it might be
A little Crazy
It's true without it
You wouldn't be you

I miss the times when we were
About 10
We used to run around
Play around
It was happier then
I still know you guys now
But you're not the same
I used to like it when
Our lives were a game


I've got some new friends
You'd really like them
I can't help but
Think about when
The games were over
Into a uniform
Still inside me
The thought of you is warm
I really miss you
Wanna hug and kiss you


The time is messing up
I feel like dressing up
It makes it harder
To realise it


I really miss you
Wanna hug and kiss you
It's me and you

Writers: Marshall Mathers , LUIS EDGARDO RESTO , MICHAEL ATHA , William Booker Washington , Matt Hayes

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