Z the stranger - Multimedia

Welcome to the multimedia life
We live with freedom
Providing people with pleasures eons over the efforts of evil
Take a step in the steeple
It's like a religion
Salary making above that of a scientist learning nuclear fission
I make the music that motivates the moving
Like a mason's muse
People always say we're doing Satan's choosing
No, but Lucifer was once beautiful
Our sound is playing at funerals
Birthdays, during the Crucible
You can't light a fire to the higher hier
I am Michael Myers on the mic
I'm like the rhyme supplier
In this world of pied pipers
No matter what it is, if it's art, take it seriously if deserving or there might be fighters
Sensitivity is commonplace
Criticism is welcome, but hatred will plant fists on your face
I got a green thumb for these scums
I'll take each one and show them the struggles that we've overcome
Z the Stranger
Making a living of what I do best
On the other side like a duplex
If you haven't yet, fear the ruthless
Visual or auditorial
Memorials are formed by us
And for the ones
Earning enormous forms of ordinance
To make them born again
No one forgets the makers
Of beautiful depth and facing
A hell when they're dead or hated
Consider it a form of zen
A meditation
If you get to making
What you want, to you this song is dedicated.
Consider me educated
You just need a strong mind
For the arts, find
Your talent and make your wrongs right
Every now and then, there's going to be a fault line
But you can't flourish if you don't keep going at every stop sign
I'll leave your creations in the dust if you want to mock mine
It's the same mental state that would make Tony Stark fly
Learn from the mistakes and seek guidance from all the lost times
I've spent so much time on the mic, I know that I can't not write
All life
Has always riddled with potential
Essentially, with the stroke of a pencil
Or making a stencil
For the next ones
Giving them a reason to be prudential
When they're striving to be something special
People are only looking for metals
Instead of meddling with the present to make it better
Recognition of others over yourself is stressful
And not recommended by your successors
Everything is your own decision
So do not condone division
Between you and your home. You're living
Large if the hope is given
Hold on to the happiness and host your own prohibition
You got to know your limitations before you can break them
So don't start making a statement without knowing what you're saying
Take your title. "Totally traveling through time"
Is my new sign
I got to keep it sticking to minds
I work with multimedia, so let this dude rhyme
Will I ever end up drunk on the street? Only when the moon shines

Now I'm not on the radio
But I still recognize the radial
Resonance of the realest, relaying all of the races run
I'm raising a residential revolution to raze the roughest
Rappers who really reason to reap the recent rake of rush
That is me
I use the English built for me in history
I mathematisize my lines and make up words to fit the beat
Creating this is science and writing this is the art
I can reverse and contort my rhyming from from finish to start

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