Mr. shadow - My strategy

[Mr. Lil One]
HAHA motherfuckas
Mr. Shadow up in dis motherfuckaaa

[Mr. Shadow]
And '99 and on motherfuckas check it out

[Mr. Lil One]
For all your motherfuckin' ass's

[Mr. Shadow]
We got Mr. Shadow, Mr. Lil One
Hittman, the homeboy ??
Vicious Man Funk up in the CUT

[Mr. Lil One]
And we coming at your ass's
With the Triple 6 wicked ass shit

[Mr. Shadow] - Verse 1
I got you looking out the window
POW you here the noise of my squad as we enter
We blew up your sector the hector of the one is who you're talking to
You better look me in my eyes or catch a shot or two
Do you really have a clue of what can happen to y'all?
If I get my boys to sit you line you up on the wall
Calico bloody, inhuman if my ambitions are played
Tag with ammunition on my padre your missin' sister lichen
Them sons of bitches that be crossing me up
The devil's calling me up to blow their family up
So west up, I'm unexpekted like a heart attack as I react
Just like, human combustion a little something like that
And as I mash I clash purposely
Cause yes indeed I be directly from the streets
No I don't have to change for any motherfucker liven unforgiven
To my last breathe so Rest In Piss biatch

Sometimes I feel like there watching me, but I don't know g
Their acting shady tryna figure out my strategy
I got them liven every day likes it's there last day
Pety minded motherfuckas never have the heart to blast

[Mr. Shadow] - Verse 2
Ask me no questions and make on interruptions
Fuck your assumption your fuckin' with some rough shit
Let's get started on the second chapter
How I fuckin' act when I cause disaster
Faster than Hurricane Mitch, ain't that a bitch
That a young motherfucker like me turned off your switch
Hear the ?? sing melodies of fatalities immortalities
Who done fucked up personalities
My enemies better be ready for war cause
My mentality is putting bullet holes in your door
Through the allies of Southern Cali's and Diego and all around
We some soldiers pushin' boulders take a bullet a smile
Momma put that on my folder, I'm an innocent man
These motherfuckers out to get me don't want me to expand
But I'm the 'One Man Battalion' strikin' through the fog
?? with my medallion and it's five point star
Why you actin' hard fool you fake and then bluffin'
Always makin' up somethin' that's why I'm stuffin' ya
Stuffin' ya in dirt I got the key to your box
I'm about to make the glock pop ready to slash one in your knot BOY!


[Mr. Shadow] - Verse 3
As I kick down the gate you realize you're in danger
Stranger for puttin' 1-8-7 on my pager
Face the motherfuckin' wall and shut your grill
I'ma paralyze your heart and shove your ass under the hill
President Bill...Clinton got his dick sucked by that horny white bitch
And that took him to court and got him stuck
Not given a fuck about Hilary or their daughter Chelsea
They got him for conspiracy cause his dad is wealthy
Let me tell you how I feel about the White House
Yeah they can stick their middle fingers up their ass
As I blast through the capital causing all the mayhem
I'm writing on them walls Mr. Shadow with the spray can
They can keep on makin' laws but you know I'ma break'em
All their goods, I'ma take'em, and their spots I'ma shake'em
I don't mistake'em I'm the master of the dark
About to snatch you when you're sleepin'
Bring your heartbeat to a stop


[Mr. Lil One]
And you'd better be knowing exactly what it is
That my motherfuckin Shadow be talkin' about up in this Motherfucker

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