Mr. shadow - Born without a konscience

[Mr. Shadow]
what's up mothafuckas, Mr. Shadow's back up in this bitch
For that triple 6 1 triple 9 the beyond entertainment way
Now this album is dedikated to the mentlely sick
But this track defines my state of mind

I was born with out a konscience I love violence
I bring the silence when my strap does the firen
I hear sirens and see the lights flashin
A major tradgedy the neighborhood attraction

[Mr. Shadow]
I was born without no heart that a look at all my kharts
Every 51 50 status of the guilty
Filthy like my records I'm the sniper
Light the torch so I kan blow these bitches up as I egnite the
Flame Jane Mary got's me visualizin scarynes
Me and my lady blowing up my hood with gasoline
Skream for your mother kry for your father
Watch man slaughter while I burn your older brother
One after another kause I don't give a mad fuck
Mutalate his mut and make him eat his doggy nuts
Guts being spilled as I unfold and reveal
Then those who tryest and up stiff under a hill
Now feel needle pokes penetrating inyour artaries
Your eyes are getting watery I like to torture want to be's
All of these fake mothafuckas here in front of me
Ought be lynched and krusified in front of their families

Repeat 2x

[Mr. Shadow]
As I'm mashing head bashing all these petty minded fools
I got 3 tools now which one should I use
I have a switch blade for the bitch made
A gernade for the krusade and a 38 snub when I envade
I'm making kritical not even fuckin miracles
Kould stop the lyrical from getting physical
I'm known to be a kriminal
You better run for your life or be the next one
To feel the burnin tefflon your fools be having their vests on
Your get your rest with the rest of all these skeletons
Never open doors if you don't know what room you're enterin
Renderin your limbs fuck konfessin all your sins
If you did it don't admit it fuck the systems it's biz
Is it anger towards the streets that make me put one in the chamber
Judges say that I'm insane so now you know your life's in danger
Every night I'm on the prowl, huntin for that Owl
When I spot him I'ma slap my fuckin name out of his mouth

Repeat 2x

[Mr. Shadow]
As I read the bible backwards kasting shadows on these bastards
Wait, who be the master of disaster when I blast em
It's it from that westside 619
Where mothafuckas take acid and splash it in your eye
Don't kry, tie the rope around your neck and shut the fuck up
a lot of people say you shit your pants when Shadow walked up
You heard it through the grape vine, my state of mind
Was at it's peak I shot the kamel fuck the klutch and Iron Sheik
As I speak you're gettin weak, I'm like a tweaker on a kome down
While you klaim my hood you get no respect in Woptown
Now bow down it's a show down
As a koward you're gettin beat down
On the mic or on the streets I'm stopin your mouth with metal kleets
Bloody sheets kover your korpse as the mortican goes to work now
Some how that Owl has to feel some fuckin pain now
Show em how it's done as I inhalen propane
Watch me and my women skrew the mentely insane

Repeat 2x

[Mr Shadow] (Speakin)
51 50 skitsophrantic dangerous maniac
Is what the doctors and judges labeled me
Now sit back get high
And peep out the way of the krazy
And that's krazy with a K partner
First get that shit straight
And then look in the mirror
And ask yourself if you were born without a konscience
And if you weren't then bring the drama to your enemies
Trun them all into memeroies
Smoke marijuiana and laugh as you witness
Them take their last breath
Then death arrives when coriner services are needed
Ha Ha Ha Ha I was born without a konscience
Kan you mothafuckas blame me [blame me]

Writers: Samuel Barber

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