Zado - We Won't Die (feat. Najii Person)

Wrapped up in opinions and a pole
I crash the porsche
Cuz i was told that death is gorgeous at 27
Before i implode
You can check the corpse
Its pretty as mona lisa wit black features
And peep complexion
But i aint 27 yet, you gotta hold ya horses
I think im stable enough to keep them feelins dormant
Talk of my passion i been eager
Im tryna touch souls no grim reaper
Be a believer
Some people go they whole life
With no purpose
I consider that a low life
You aint worth it
I just know my whole life
I been determined
To be household, get ghost no poltergeist
You gotta impact the world the way it impact us
And know its more to life than that benz black truck
The meek shall inherit and i been bashful
Im tryna put a billy in my son time capsule

I fly when i walk and i go when i go
I run when i nah cuz i dont and i wont
Cant run from it
Its only 2 things for certain nigga
So whats yo purpose nigga

In this life I walked on water without turning it to ice and taught chickens how to fly
Debi god turn yo figi water to some wine
My foes never had drive I know they just along for the ride
But gave me gas to keep going
One day you on top then you kanye yo biggest moment
I Flipped a dollar to a coin
Made change
Me my niggas pass time like a joint
If I die I bet my dick made its point
Rap my castet in gold like a Trojan
Lord protect thien soul
The cycle made me syco
Who head got to big probably needed that lipo
To the Iou I'm the billoe goat
Who Got to Billie off the finger rolls
Thinking back on the bus I would finger hoes
Now I flick them off and say adios
Don't let them use you all up to yo chi is gone
This is a contact sport but y'all numbers ain't in my phone

I fly when i walk and i go when i go
I run when i nah cuz i dont and i wont
Cant run from it
Its only 2 things for certain nigga
So whats yo purpose nigga

Conversing wit a aloe for some healin
And i just tripped i never asked how she was feeling
The justification i was takin i was takin
But the glass to your soul is as delicate as phillips
Shards in my hand, i fumble it to pieces
You pick up what u can, i know u get depleted
Trust i understand yo face yellin defeated
All that cushion on yo soul like the shoes was orthopedic
I realize thats yo purpose, i see thats yo purpose
It was never in yo plans, you just humbly a servant
Never one to ran, u help me wit all my burdens
Im just tryna disassociate from all the snakes lurkin
I wish i could take it back to the basement My safe places, my safehaven
I see the world crumblin i may save it
You maydayin, find yoself nigga quit paradin
Im a jennings boy thru and thru
Thats my crew like ku and live too
My buzz got my head hard to fit in a hula hoop
Following my dreams like my nigga u could do it too
The chains i be flexin
But i know im not my worldly possessions
Every since i was 11, i knew i was destined
But is it right message wrong vessel
Tryna choose between a grammy and a nobel peace
And quit fighting myself i gotta know that peace
I wanna feel fullfilled as a chill in a field of dafodils and bells and whistles and all the frills
And as far as image im thrilled
You could call me a lil jaleel but a lil more trill
Raps full of thoughts that just never feel complete
Cuz what's heavy on my chest, too obese for a beat
I been weightlifting forever check the physique
But i promise imma get yo ass free


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