N8 the gr8 - Psychic flow

Telepathy, telapathy
What will you discover
Telepathy, telepathy
What is ya true color

Telepathy, telepathy
Where fore art thou
Telepathy, telepathy
Thank you for my crown
Let me tell you bitches how its going down
I am that nigga now
And i been that nigga for awhile
And you know you smile
When you see me walk on by
Cause you know this nigga is so fly
Man im in the sky
And im not in a plane
I am that nigga but i might be on a crane
Im building shit
Im picking up the pieces
Playing tetris
These bitches try so hard
But we know
You could never touch this
You in debt
You already know
Cut me my check
Gotti made it
Maybe Nate
Oh shit
Lets see
Lets what fate decide
Telepathy no lies
Hide third eye
Nah i could never do that
Real eyes
Real lies

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