Yakaniachaad - A Minute

Give me something i can spazz too
Go crazy act a ass to let me see what that cash do
Quite fronting i can have u
Im talented as f... hansome as f...
I was broke down now im paperd up
Checking a bag like a bell boy
Then im gone uncle elroy
Im 23 i got no kids but i really want some kids
A lot of these new rappers im soning them they are my kids
You better pray lil n... Stay out my way lil n...
Sent you the ep but you aint press play lil n...
Whats up with that hate lil n...
Had to switch up my ways master mind my thoughts
Got on my nees and i prayed that i win every war thats fought
I dont trust none shit you never know
Dont act like you aint seen that movie paid in full before
Ill be there in a minute
To the top in a minute
My bros on in a minute
All i need is a minute
All i need is a minute

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