Collectivepov - Say my piece

I was the kind of guy who kept all my problems waiting
Leave it for another week, brush it off, walk away and
Talking shit like all of this ain't no ominous abomination
Reacted in extremities, never so in moderation

My problems never disappeared, they were just hanging
Took a bit of time to recognize they were dragging
Suppose I liked to complain, 'cause they never were vanquished
So I got burned out, was worn down and feeling anxious

As I was tensing up, and feeling all depressed and shit
I'd look out to my friends and wish that I could switch with 'em
I'd look at my ex girl like "why is she kissing him?
I'm clearly the better choice" fuck was I bitter then

Hell yeah, it's easy to look back and reminisce
And think "I could've done that" or "I should've done this"
But I'm growing as a man, and I'm begging you kids
Don't live my same mistakes because you're better than this

Now I'm not saying that I'm the perfect specimen
Coming clean with my mistakes to tell you what the lesson is
You're better than you think you are, no matter what your record is
Commit yourself to giving value, and personal betterment

Because you change, and you grow, then you move on
So maybe it's time to try to write yourself a new song
If you hate Monday morning, start applying for a new job
"You should be doing what you love" that's a principle I grew on

But now a days everything's perverse and twisted
You take a shit and swipe on Tinder while saying "all these girls are bitches"
So hell yeah they're swerving and dodging all the calls you're giving
You can't expect that attitude to work with women

Put down the phone, step back and take a hard five
Right now you're talking like you're walking on the dark side
When are you gonna realize that enough's enough
Uninstall everything, say fuck it and unplug

I'm just trying to be honest, I used to mask fear
I'd keep my shoulders slunked while staring at my black mirror
Vanish down the rabbit hole of snapchats and newsfeeds
Instead of sitting alone with my thoughts like a human being

I'm probably just a hippie, but I noticed it changing me
Getting views, likes, and comments became a game to me
Was caught up thinking 'bout life, so I came to say my piece
I hated who I was before, but I'm proud of who I came to be

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