P.J. Walsh - Parallel Times

You're all bright and shiny creating something new
Allowed to think it's other worlds revolving around you
But basking in your own glow is bound to make you blind
To who is reaching out to you from a parallel time

I once burned so brightly I felt I was a sun
Dark matter did propel me to shine second to no one
Can my rays still light the way as you make your climb
Where other stars circle brighter stars in parallel times

Seems no matter what I do on distant lines we stay
Even within arm's reach you're a million miles away
Can't see how our paths will intersect or intertwine
When our destinies are trapped in parallel times

Am I behind or ahead of you I can't really tell
I guess that happens since our orbits move in parallel
Am I being naive to pretend
That space and time might someday bend

But I won't tell you just yet what I foresee somehow
The distance shrinks between us to a fraction of right now
Perhaps our lives will be reborn in a space sublime
Where two stars can exist again in unparalleled times

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