Wu-syndicate - Crime syndicate

[Movie sample]
The US is in store for me par
I got some island up there to do
I'll bring you back a souvenir
The heads of the Crime Syndicate as our prisoners of war
Then we sort of, uh, exchange P.O.W.'s, right?
And when they get us, clear us of all our charges,
we let the big bosses live a little bit longer

Timb' assassins, VA, we ruger blastin
Renegades that politic, Arabic fashion
Relaxin' when millionare thugs, diamond Mac-10's
Collapsin, 9-20 Benz crashin
Leathal gas chambers, war stories of pure danger
Crime Syndicate assassinate, snakes out of bangers
Street massacres, son they let Uzi's spit for Range Rovers
Put bombs up under ya, accurate, snake bitten
My Brooklyn drug heist's forbidden, tech spittin
Murderous as Hitler's top hitmen
We ?, feds famish it to health
Notorious villians takin showers with John Gotti
Illuminati, closin in, feel the horror, no bricks
Black cinder blocks run Nicaragua
Devious, terrorist, cold blooded as Nazi's
Black death, we plant coke monopolies
Meraculous tactics, back smack it, with chrome 'matics
in funerals, blast the casket, it's drastic
Tougher than Japan mathematics, coke addicts
Poisonous man ghetto bastards

[Chorus: Myalansky]
Crime Syndicate, illegal thug life, project predictament
We know that death is the price but still we livin it
Dealin with some cats that be starvin to split a nigga shit
Richest cats sell for hostage, found in the trunk of whips
Gunfights in bright daylight, ransom for seven dicks
Dipped in black, urban tactic, kick in your residence
Cats fakin jacks on the corner, projects is hot as shit
Power move for this cheddar, murder the innocent

Rockin' Clark's bomb diggy, whips dipped fresh than jiggy
Poker card pullin, heist night, inside of buildings, gimme
that Rolex, the green vortex, rockin Versace shit
Nobody watchin, grab em, look got him, money filthy rich
Soldier smackin niggas, gold shine tracks with Mickey Mirror
Heist the armor truck, fat stack, bundle her-on and hit 'em
Fans plot on Mach vans, I never go to prison
Not to mention, I won't attend my own funeral
Crime Syndicates hot, cold as ice, we losin 'em
Phenomenon, calm down bitch, your man be robbin 'em
Wallet tokin, sugar type niggas always involved with us
Foreigners, want to-be-down niggas get laced
King Pin, local mob bosses sniff her-on off of plates
Catchin cases, back-and-forth biz, bounce like Wimbolton
See Myalansky get crook books, some makin Benjamins
What nigga? Crime Syndicate, I'm innocent


[Joe Mafia]
Potatos over snub nose, it's like you watchin Gators
Your shit'll cape us for slugs and watchin bloody pillow cases
Facin the DA in VA, behind some residue they found in the staircase
Up in the PJ's, niggas move big A's, behind disk breaks
Up in the rental, pumpin mix tapes, the scale shift weight
It's either/or, I capsule your capsize, Gigantor
Thunder cats clappin hammers of Thor, startin block war
Fiends got war, pullin on bass, dim
Drama and mayhem got my head spinnin like Grym
I keep my jaw grim, bit that Peter Pan style in a stick-up
Korn niggas in my X-File gettin hit up
Thrown in the back, helpless as a beetle
Caught up inside a seagal pleadin to a Desert Eagle
You better six it or eighty-six it or Crime Syndicate
invade your district, touchin for big shit
Blocks is hot like there's palm trees in the ghetto
Temperature's risin but the God ain't bust a sweat yet though
On my All State I chill with ill cats that can't walk straight
Crippled for life, sippin on Ice...


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