Vaela - Colour Me (feat. Aidan Ellaz)

I'm so sick of all these demons crawling back into my skin
Pulling me under to steep as low as you, I've never been this way it's a sickness that I swear

Conflicting emotion, stuck in the war between
Surrounded by two faced liars, I've seen the truth

Just a hypocrite

I've been speaking to those dead in my head again
Can't you fucking see the blood
We chose to surround and be
A false coma, beyond relief
No purgatory beneath my feet
I won't let your false accusations
Defeat me
An undisputed toxic rivalry
You are the hate in me

I'll tell you now, so I'll tell you now, you've been feeding your lies for a long time
Dead ends, no friends. This world has nothing for you
I'm feeling, these secrets, pouring out of your scaled lips
My mind has been holding me back, I'll tell you now, Colour me in hate

Nothing but a hypocrite

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