Vaela - Wolves

Sometimes I catch myself mid breath, frozen, wandering if you feel the same things I do
Where are you now?
Lying on the floor, hearts so sore I can feel it in the air, as you stare through the hole in my chest

I survived another day; surely I'll find my way to be whole again
You left a curse, it's stuck in my head, it wants me dead (rip it out)
This isn't what I've wanted; I need it out of my head
Take it back, take it all, as long as it's all gone

Can you hear me; I've been trying to speak for all these years
Left still searching, I think I've hit the bottom
Drilling deeper and deeper, can it be any clearer?
Hey, can you hear me, can you hear me

I hate to say that I don't want this yet, that im losing my head, you never break a sweat
Is it ever enough?

The devils cavort inside my mind, the daggers caress my skin
I've been talking to wolves, they don't want me here and if they let me live

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