Vaela - Mirror Touch

Putrid, the way life is pre-determined
Bite the hand of the puppeteer
The writing on the walls, depicted by shadows
Shatter through, chase that primal desire

Don't you feel like I do?
Don't you feel like I do?

When you look at me, what do you see?
Inside I'm just a man trying to be (we're all the same)
Manipulated by a disease, we need to wake up to be set free (we're all the same)

In a sea of sheep nobody will find me
Suffocating, no room to breathe
Pull me out

Don't you feel like I do?
Am I all alone?
It's so sad, though we are the same
The same being, the same path
Capable of a billion emotions, all so beautiful

Time after time we put down another
We don't realise that we are the strength of each other
Life cycles, spinning so linear
Don't you feel, don't you feel like I do?

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