Blue Oyster Cult - Veins

I open my eyes
From a dreamless night
With a sense of dread
You could cut with a knife
So I'm thinking that
Maybe I killed somebody
You never know—you never know when
You might have killed somebody

Veins in my eyeballs
Damage that I've done
Veins on the stairway
Veins in my skull

I visit my friend
We have a fight
I'm drinking his whisky
I'm wanting his wife
Then the image goes black
Did I kill somebody?
'Cause there ain't no clue, there's no clue
That I killed somebody

Veins in my eardrum
Banging at my door
Veins in my brainwaves
Veins on the floor

I get the shivers
And I've got the shakes
People screaming my name
Like there's no mistake
I can't believe it's true
Did I kill somebody?
But I just don't know, I don't know
Did I kill somebody?

Veins on the sidewalk
Veins know the score
Veins in my mind, oh
Veins ever more

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