Z the stranger - Unkown @ port 9

So much anticipation and it's finally here!
City of Ghosts. Z the Stranger
Alright, listen

I'm turning shit back on it's head
When I'm rapping ahead
Of these bastards
It's acting they've mastered instead
Of just practicing action in massive capacities
Rather, they slack then it's back into bed
I attack. You defend what is whack and pretend
I happen to habit this track and a pen
I have this magic when the bastards consent
I see the message that your lack of it sends

Let's take it back to when I made the wackest blends
Of the safest rap catch phrases and pretended
That was all I needed to be the best
But now I'm making the beats and I'm taking the freedom
Jest at how my beard is messed
Or how my spiel is set
To such abrasion
You're not ready to hear it yet
So face it, when COG is in your CD deck
You could eat it and receive obesity. Check
To see if we're in 3D
You and them are flattening
So I must be the Z coordinate
I'm on a different plane of existence
You're on the next flight
This record's here to set right
The shit I left behind and give you something special
Better than CAPC or whatever else
I let fester back then
When you add "The Stranger" to my name
You're catching back swings

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