Farley - A day in the life

It's time to rap
I fuck with this reverb, man

All I fuckin' do is play 12 inch softball (it's all I do)
And get more lifted than a 30 pound dumbbell (true)
When I'm doing bicep curls (ay, ay)
And I'll hit 35 maybe if I'm by some girls, but

But really that's it (and that's it)
I'm past the point of not remotely even giving a shit (nah)
I'm on the edge of glory, gettin' gory like a Tarantino (that's right)
Barely legal, and my lady sweeter than a maraschino, yeah (she sweet)

Keep the deets short, like they DeVito
I'm neato, I rep Chicago, like I'm Tony Esposito
Smoke a geeb, then I'll delete a bag of flamin' hot Cheetos (bye bye)
Or throw a party, barely starting and I'm breakin' out Tito's (aye, who wants this shit?)

Yeah, got a handle on my life but I'ma plead the Fifth
Equal parts prestigious and egregious, shit (shit)
But every line is so strategic, and I rhyme it
Super live, I'm on some Kathy and Regis shit

That's really what we doin'
Day in and day out
Day out and day in
It's how we, it's how we, it's how we do it

I sorta bring heat like I'm Dan Straily (sorta)
Woulda been a fully-blown disaster in the 80s (oh God)
Romance daily, manscapin' on my ass lately (ew)
You can't blame me I'm just the man my mama, pops, and friends made me (it's not my fault)

Flow lazy but it nice though (but it nice though)
Ice cold, keep the people dazzled like a rhinestone (it's like a rhinestone)
Punk bitches I despise those, psycho (fuck that)
Give it to a woman in her back like I'm a chiro (yup)

Practor, ask her, what's she's doing after (aye, whatchu doing later?)
Give her four rounds, like the Masters
Fully blast her, give a fracture, bless it like a pastor (Amen)
Faster, hit it then I - scatter

Nah, hop up in the whip, then I dip
Don't think about a "thank you for the coitus and chips"
Nah I'm, doing nothin' but just stayin' alive
I guess it's really just a day in the life

Like, like
It's just a day in the life, it's just a day, it's just a day in the life
It's just a
It's just a day in the life, it's just a day, it's just a day in the life
In the, yeah

Writers: FARLEY

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