Blue Oyster Cult - The Vigil

In a purple vision vision
Many thousand years ago
I saw the silent stranger stranger
Walk the earth alone

Twenty seven faces faces
With their eyes turned to the sky
I've got a camera camera
And an air-tight alibi

I know they're out there
We see them coming
Faster than the speed of light
They greet us in the dead of night

Someday someone
They'll be light and sound
They'll alight on the ground on which we stand
Someday someone
Will help us to survive
They're gonna show us hell and bring us back alive

Well I'm no poet
But I can't be fooled
The lies don't count
The whispers do
I hear the whispers on the wind
They say the earth has fallen due

We run in circles
Our days are numbered
Every night I look away
To the heavens and I pray

Come to us
Come to us
Come to us
Come to us

Our lights are dim
Our roads are crumbling down
And we don't know what to do
We're sick and tired and dying to meet you meet you
Cause we bit off more than we can chew

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