R o o m s - God loves punks hates you

I dont wanna job
I dont wanna vlog
I dont wanna dream
I dont wanna fall asleep
Oh, these dreams are weird
Karma for the Punk cuz
I must fucking suck
Cuz I just had a dream
I just had a dream
I just had a dream
I just had a dream I was walkin down the street and then
Everything apart
Everything a p a r t
Everything apart and I'm eaten by a shark AH!
Dont you fuckin touch my toes!
Oh my god my god my god

All my dreams are scary as fuck!
My dreams are scary fucked cuz Im a fuckin punk ANAHNAH!

I dont think I see
Every single thing
I am not a god
And you are not a Deity
Oh but won't you look!?
Wont you read a book?!?
God Loves Punks Hates You!

God Loves Punks hates You!
Its true and wont you see the fear in my eyes

Dont wanna job
A Jog
A Blog
I dont want to job want to vlog
I dont want to dream
Want to fall asleep

Go Johnny


(I cant feel my lips)
God Loves Punks Hates You
God Loves Punks Hates You


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