Yakaniachaad - Unprecedented. Prod. By Uno M1ke

I Live my life everyday like its war time
Time is money and no you cant afford mines
My style is wet we gone need some wet floor sighns
And if i take a loss it just give me more grind
I might hit the club with all my chains on
And i bet i leave the club with all my chains on
If it aint about no money let that phone ring on
Tracks back to back like a game of ping pong
No need to get set cause im already set
Sprinting to the money running to the money watch a youngin run up a check
And i got em upset cause my flow possesed
Talking down on the net  aint on nothing when they see me in the flesh
Never do it if i cant do it right writing songs On a late night
I remember back when engineers aint wanna engineer me right
But i aint trippin i know i got em sick
Hit the studio and im hell of lit
My ambition wont let me quite
Married to the hussle i aint getting hitched
Gotta know Minnesota what i represent
Bang that New Yak what i recommend
Got a dope flow they wanna apprehend
You aint a player cant comprehend
He a heathen dont let him in
Wont stop until juda got the upper hand
Everything i do unprecedented...

Bow down to a king got the rock in a sling
Botta boom botta bing
Under shirt on looking like Mr. Clean
Cuban link on and its polished so clean
I dont post on blocks flex through the block counting gwap
Working my way to the top
I dont run from cops dont worship God you a opp
I will not switch up balling like pick ups
Everybody hands up this a stick up
If you are not with us then you are against us
They showing that fake love but they wanna lynch us
Yea... Never trust thine enemy
I got my brothers around me never forsake the assembly
Im doing what aint been done so they always gone remember me
Im on fire and the more that i rap its just kindling
I put my all in these raps and no i do not take no naps
Bankrolls since a youngin teachers used to think that i trapped
This dat Tuxedo action feeling like james bond
How you a dope dealer and dont got no damn bond
Hurricanes happning everything getting real
You been busting yo ass and still can barely pay the bills
That 2nd coming the thought of it bringing me chills
Thats why i gotta be real Thats why i gotta keep zeal
I came to change the game they gone know my name everything i do unprecedented mane
She dont know my name but she know how i came
Everything i do unprecedented mane

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