Yakaniachaad - Life Style prod. By Uno M1ke

Yea im living that lifestyle counting up right now
Everything you was trying to do im doing it right now
I got my foot on they neck i put that flame to his pecks
He playing russian roulette boy do not play with my check
I mean what you expect i had to apply pressure
Baby you talking to much and i dont need a lecture
Feeling like stylists i just put itTogether
She say my style is to die for and i might just let her

Im rocking gold chains Switching lanes
I flex on yo gang you boys are Lame
Rockstar life style cutting up right now
100,000 in the safe i need that right now
They digging my flow im stealing the show
Im black and im fly sum like a crow, lol
Pockets got bankroll im feeling excited
Im living so rightious what you know bout it

This is my life style im living right now, lil ma pipe down i dont need a wife now
Im rocking gold chains now
Switching lanes now its not a game now
This is my Life style

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