Fee rothstein - 3:00am big block freestyle

(Yea, fuck they want from me)
Yea, Mr. One Take
(One take, one take)
Say Double aRRah (RR), say Fuck Tomorrow

Yea I sip the drank, but it don't control me
Yea I love the cake, but it don't control me
Hunnid Thousand mane, you know I'm never folding
Boy Fee stay with that cheese like macaroni

Pulling up in something stupid, yea that foreign thing
Shorty with me, yea she bad and she off a bean
Say she love me baby tell me how it feel to love
Know I like it when she drop it low then back it up

Thoughts is cloudy, 50 deep we turning up the party
Whole squad out for the green like 300 Spartans
I can't lie, I keep a lot of problems bottled up
I pray to God he keep the devil way away from us
Everyday, every night I'm missing Terry Guy
Would trade it all for a day to see my bro alive
They don't want these problems, they ain't really with the shits
Man, y'all don't know the half of what I deal with

Dawg, if you only felt the feeling
This type of pain mane ain't no fuckin' healing
Swear this pain mane ain't nothing can heal it
Can't tell me shit if you ain't never felt the feeling

Your plug called, said he keep Ya Boy on speed dial
Sipping on that lean baby like some beers now (like its water)
I be tripping, all this weight I might spazz out
Fuck it shoot it out, we ain't the type to stand down
We be fly, we be fly, my vision clear now
We be high, talking loud; barely hear now
Designer belt, designer laces
Designer Drank, I swear the Tech just activate me

Cheddar boys like Chedda Ave, and I need the cash
Can't understand me if you ain't never been down on your last
Hustler baby, sorry I can't help but get it fast
Listen close lil' shorty, everything I spit is facts
Its some love, but I know they talking on my back
Probably because I got this foreign with the natural ass
When they see me in the mall, yea i fuckin' spazz
Ride for me, you ain't my dawg, you my fuckin' fam

Real life, I done earned these stripes
I'm talkin' lonely nights, talking lonely days
I'm on the road a lot, I'm just tryna get paid, yea
All my bros yea we on the same page, yea

Miss my bro, wish he was here today
Miss my bro everyday, I wish he was here today

I see you T, I see you BLOCK
Rest in peace Terry Guy, Big T... Boy Fee
Miss my brother a lot, that's why I'm sippin' a lot
(Real shit, all the shit I deal with, yea)
Double aRRah, say double aRRah

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