Dyarq - King never

Never asked to be crowned
Never to be found
Being king never sounded
Like I was so far down

You're throned and through
What surrounds you is a loyal few and
Even those will run you through
Babble, fight, and accuse
But just destroy distraction
And the jester will enjoy reaction
Gesturing dances for your infatuation
While they
Find a spot that you can't reach
Cut you down and feed their beast
Stabbed you in the fucking back
Spoke your peace

Never asked to be crowned (put it on and fade away)
Never to be found (put it on and fade away)
Being king never sounded (put it on - don't shy away)
Like I was so far down

Wonder what it'd be like to be a fuckin king for a minute
Probably not as good as you envision
That shit's all I'm admittin'
Another victim, you think it's my problem but it isn't
Wait and see you'll know that its time for a change
Switching up places if not for a day
There's nothing left so there's nothing to say
Maybe a mayday will come my way
May the day break and go away
May the naysayers be led astray
It's the same place he built that grave for free
So wake up and see
Other problem children that look up to me
Oh shit oh jeez
So wake up and see
All these motherfuckers with their pain set free
Come save me, please

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