Jefferson starship - Shadowlands

Young girl in the city
She was a small town girl in the middle of the city of light
“What am I doing here?” she cried.
“What am I doing here?”
“I want to be dangerous
Like a fire in the sky
There's burning barricades in the streets
And fire in my eyes.”

So there she sat with a diamond bullet in the
Center of her heart
No a mile from there are people living ten to
A room
Not a mile from here and a few streets further on
They're sleepin' in doorways, boxes, some of them children
And the sound of gunfire, cracks the night
In the shadow lands
And the saxaphone, in the shadow lands, sings

She had nothing on but the radio
Her hair was nighttime black and here eyes compelling
Compelling me to dreams, “Go out and change the world,” she said
Compelling me to action

In the night striped with lightening
She will come and feed on dreams
Hair streaming forth, burnin' with desire
And the storm deepens, cracks with thunder
Lust enters into it, sex! Mouth! Sweet! Blood red!

And as the sky explodes
And I'm drawn to action
(with her) It's like the
First time that you really fell in love
And your both on the battle lines
And it's like the first time that you're really fuckin' too
Alive in the bed with the woman you're fuckin'
Who's fuckin' you

She is incredible, monumental, better than Jesus
She's a guide through the chaos, a road to the passion
Between the earth and sky, where love is like a drug
And everything is different
And we two will love each other
And we will still remember our first kiss
As the action takes over
No thought of circumstance, or consequence
And all the rules have changed
And she's a specialist, in darkness, in the shadow lands.

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