Dubeu - Twig prod. d'artizt

I be high but that happens all week
They been trynna get on my level like dragon ball Z
They kno i bring the pain and the flame like im roku
They think they know my name i been sayin call me goku
Power beyond my control is what i tap into
Nigguhs been actin like hoes wit all dis attitude THEY
Be posin for vogue fascade aint shatter proof DONT
Let me get in my mode cuz im an animal
They cant stand it im satanic wit flows its ether
I aint plan it my date merits a mona lisa
Cud fit in my shoes theyll slide off u like sandals
Scooped her like a spoon then strumed that pussy like a banjo
She got a man but out here like she livin single
Eyes low my asian homie think im fillipino
Where my mind is a higher climate
Come get yo highest n try to define it i titled mine your highness
Woah im stuck i need my spaceship
Gotta go now my girl thinks i be too anxious
Im never on time but rock a rollie like a bracelet
Its all in the design first i hadda work the late shift
Sumn like a grave digger
They see the life ya live n wish that they can trade witcha
When we in the same picture
But the difference is i feel like im picaso
My hustle so infintive my path is hard to follow
IM cold as the winter breeze
Im rollin my enemies
Like a swish ill get lit by smokin my enemies
He livin life on the edge must be a samurai
Im aimn straight for the head n pop it like dandelions
Loud scented like a candle
Im still 450 tune in boa u bet not change my channel
I want em all to witness
Heat em up like that bolgna you puttin on a skillet
Ignite me then you'll be sizzlin
Suprised but its all been written

Thats jus the way it goes
The way it goes...
Thats jus the way it goes...
The way it goes...

We have no thangs in commin
Besides bein from the hood n bein raised on ramen
You sleep while i gain them commas
Ima monsta
Im crackin ya bitch like shells on a lobster
Im so ill examine me youd bail as my doctor
I feel like Wile Coyote wit all this TNT
Its like a kick to the head how nigguhs meet DeFEET
Expose ya phobias
Please dont think that u strong enough
Some of our own mamas cant even explain what's wrong wit us
Killa on the beat
Spillin liqour on the sheets
Call it my elixir she jus trynna lick up what i skeet
Ugh but ian trynna get into wat makes er nasty
Im more the type to show u watchu missin if u ask me
My flow keep overlapping provin em obsolete
They thought i was runnin no wonder they after me
Bout it bout it got me actin like master P
Wudda thought i won a grammy how my family clap for me
Trynna be on ya radio like lazlow
She gotta be into anal always callin me asshole
Barz hit u fatal cudnt miss u movin that slow
Sumn like a missle i dismiss u if the cash low
Got my flow twisted like a whirlpool
You yo only competition written as my first rule
they havent heard from me im deaf smokin this purple
Feelin like im hercules and everyone else hercule
I dont really say alot
But bring the mic youll break em out
Sumn like a hitman wit dese hoes how i take em out
Yea im Obama you trump yo idol cant amount
Even if we share the same title they kno who fakin now
I dont make a sound i jus kill em wit silence
They feelin my guidance
Wont even take a minute to like this
But um i dont do coffee n she gon take a night cap
Legendary super nigguh they dont make em like that cuz...

Thats jus the way it goes...
The way it goes...
Thats jus the way it goes...
The way it goes...

Writers: Dubeu

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