Black rob - Muscle game
Overige artiesten: Mark curry Mario winans

Uhh, uh oh, startin to feel this, startin to feel it

[black rob]
Yo who these cats think they is, takin they biz
That's roun here, yo dog don't even go there
This is ours, we built this from the ground on up
Now it's flowers, I think you besta round on up
Your entourage, slim chance of y'all gettin large
It's non-cipher, that's because b.r.'s in charge
It's set here, cats is known for gettin whet here
And left here, till the cops come pick us up...

[mark curry]
Step in a territory that's corrupt, pushin your luck
Intrudin wishes is already sowed up, nigga fold up
You and your crew and peoples will get slain
This ain't the place to try and gain fame from
You gets burnt in the streets a nigga worked hard to make
And I'll be damned if I let another brother take it
Alive for his own sake, they better vacate
Promptly, for they get they ass stomped
Listen take heed to what we sayin niggas


[black rob]
We won't lie, sometimes we stick em up
Last time it was enough though word life some hoes did em up
And nine glocks set em up
I know it was your dough, cuz I was right there when they split it up
I could tell you where to find the corpse
But that cheddar, I'm afraid dog that's gone forever

[mark curry]
Greed for wealth got us stingy, we got a spot that's hot
Niggas envy, the fact that we clock mad dough
They wanna see us shut down but no
I don't think so, the crew is still rakin the cash flow
For every dime bag sold on this block we want in
One slug behind the back it's under the skin
When niggas try to step to the block and bogard
We can't see it happenin, warn them first, get the fuck out of dodge
Better believe that, test it, see if we won't put you on your back


[black rob]
Now bein that it's all out war, I'm bringin more than that 4-4
Watch me dispose of all yall
Yall fraud ass niggas, tape me reboard ass niggas
Gun bigger than sword ass niggas
Now enter in the ring gun drawn, makin moves like pawns
Two at a time, comin for mine
Like a song nigga cbs, he cant' be serious finesse
He don't believe I keep a gun in the vest

[mark curry]
You think you can disgrace this empire, we built from scratch
You stupid, I wouldn't care how ruthless your crew is
We got defense on this area, try to attack
Mad niggas on the barriers that's dyin of blast back
They be no givin and no takin, definitely no breakin
Laws we lay down, here's the situation
Severe torture is what those who don't feel us face
I show no love for a punk ass nigga we hate
Try to pay me no bribe, then come up missin
Happens to hard headed niggas when they don't listen
I gave you fair warnin bout the danger you're messin with
A stranger invadin the street corners are goners
Try me, if you think it's a lie, the attitude many niggas had
But in the process many die
Fakin they can step to the block and bogard
And couldn't see it happenin, warned em first get the fuck outta dodge


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