Værisa - Chapter II: S e v e r a n c e

Words fail, lifeless, underneath
Your heart, it beats wildly
Stone cold arrows in the trees
You lost my soul, taken by the beast

Am I the culprit
Am I the curse
That made us severable
When you were mine and I was yours
We're pushing daisies
From different worlds
Wishing they'd intertwine
And we'd feel what we did before

Lucid, I'm here quietly, inside your arms
Suddenly I can't feel your heartbeat anymore
My world is quickly fading
Far apart from yours

Could I save you if I tried
Could I sew your soul to mine
Could I change the path we burned
If I froze time where we stood

And all these words won't bring you back
The life you lived, the love that you had
And all this hope won't bring you home
I know you're gone, I know you're gone

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