Jagged edge - True man

This song goes out to everybody
Who had somebody and you knew they was right
But some kind of way, you messed up anyhow
I remember when we first met
You said you wanted everything
I tried my best to make it happen but
What you said you didn't mean
Now the tables turned
You feel like your bridge is burned
I just tried to be a man babe
You know you did the wrong thing girl
You don't understand me
I don't think you heard me
You know you hurt me bad baby
Now I see you really wasn't ready for me
1 - You can't handle a true man
One who really, really wants to be
You can't handle a true man
Girl I give you my cream and everything
You can't handle a true man
One who really wants you to understand
You can't handle a true man
Said I gave you all my lovin' babe
Anytime you want it babe
I tried my best to give you right girl
But you act like you don't like it
Now I see that we weren't meant to be
Even though I thought that you were made for me
Here I go again, it feels like a lonely sin, that I made
How ya just let me go baby
And it truly, really hurts so bad
And why you wanna make me so sad?
Oh why did ya hurt me so bad?
And now I know you wasn't ready baby you can't handle it
Repeat 1
Yeah, know when I first saw you girl
I truly thought you were the one for me
And one day you finally made me see baby
Too bad you couldn't handle
All that I had in store
Messed it up the first time and now you want some more
Wanting what you like and you ruined my life
And now you wanna make it right
Repeat 1
2 - I got a true love baby, I need a true love
Someone treat me right
I don't wanna fuss and fight


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