Jagged edge - Did she say?

Tell me how can you
Believe everything you hear
She ain't telling you
Cause she really wants to be here with me
And she would do anything to get with me
So please, don't believe a thing that she says to you
1 - Did she say that she, that she be calling me baby
When she told you I was no good
And how all the time she tried to give it to me
Did she say that she wanted me?
Did she say?
Think the first time that she stabbed you in your back
Open up your eyes and see
A real friend wouldn't do that
Cause you need to sit her down
And let her know
You can't mess up a good thing so go
I just wanna know one thing, baby did she say?
She said I want some more
Making all sorts of plans
Trying to get me away from you
And it as soon as you're gone
She's tried to get it on
Baby don't you listen to what she say

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