Black Majesty - Dragon Reborn

Have you no reason no other way
Blinded you follow on paths that have strayed
How had you been chosen to hold the seal?
Not knowing whether there will be glory or gold
It's just a vision the masters were told
The journey will be long
Let it begin

Don't rest now by the willow
Where you've inscribed your name
It may be the last time your eyes will see home

As you were summoned you would have been warned
Never the lion's mark was to be shown
Hiding in shadows yearning for light
This toll that you bare may be paid with your life
Still you will walk on the edge of a knife
In stealth you travel on
Still your heart is true

Don't give into temptation
Never falter in thought
The darkness is drawing you in out of hate not love
Guardians of the great tower they are lighting your way
Be swift on the journey
Let Godspeed prevail

As you venture your way to find the eye of Ra
Hurry now fate awaits to bring the second rise
As a stone makes its mark where it falls
Deny the seventh throne
So as legends have told you will uprise
The dragon reborn

You have conquered temptation
As you headed the call
You realize the talisman's power is stronger than ever you thought
Watchers of the great tower they stand proud of their choice
You'll walk with the righteous
A path that is true

As he walks through the valley of death he shall fear no evil
Into the eye of Ra

There's a spirit that guides you within the second rise
As a stone makes its mark where it falls
Deny the seventh throne
Now in legends recalled you are the one the dragon reborn
The spirit that guides you
The father of all
In a kingdom of stone
You're the dragon reborn

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