Lil 1/2 dead - Back in the day

[Lil' 1/2 Dead]
Yea, ha ha
That nigga half dead in this motherfucker
Know what I'm saying, For the 1996 bitch
Way back in the day

[Lil' 1/2 Dead]
Way back in the day what I was told
Nigga every thing shining and just ain't gold
Every thing I touched is just the gangsta shit
That's why I come with these cavi hit's
And H.D dogg will always stay an G
Coming from the Eastside of the L.B.C
Always watch my back and I handle my biz
And all y'all sucka ass niggaz know what time it iz
You better watch your back and you better not trip
Because I always got my strap and my extra clip
H.D dogg always been an man
Every single day I smoke an fat ass sack
I like smoking weed and a gain of beer
I been doing this gangsta shit for an gain of years
I can I break it down in an gain of ways
I learn this gangsta shit way back in the day

[Lil' 1/2 Dead Chorus 4x]
Way back in the day

[Lil' 1/2 Dead]
Way back in the hood in 83'
This is when this gangsta shit had first came to me
It was planted in my head and it never left
That's why you niggas know where my weapon is kept
Up under my shirt and I put's in work
and I really gives a mad fuck about getting hurt
You better watch your back when I'm on your block
And you best hit the deck when I bust my glock
If you get hit bitch, it ain't my fought
When you lying out in the street outlined and chalked
And I can say is that what you get
for fucking with niggaz from the gangsta click
Even though nigga when you dead and gone
I will still shit like all night long and even though say that crime don't pay
I learn that shit in here nigga way back in the day

[Lil' 1/2 Dead Chorus 4x]
[Lil' 1/2 Dead]
Now its just an taste, just to let you know
That like I be coming with that gangsta flow
And if you don't hear me, nigga open your ears
because I ran through life and didn't have no fears
Or regrets, or sorrows, or maybe even maddness
We were coming up as crazy little bastards
Having fun in the city
Doing robberies, ringing bells and touching bitches titties
Stealing bikes was the best one
And you probably get fifty if you came with an fresh one
From the big homie, from down the block
He keeps an gain of money because he slangs them rocks
But I'm not knocking that meth and getting paid
He straight living lauging and he has it made
And every day he chills in the shade
He been doing that shit way back in the days

[Lil' 1/2 Dead Chorus 8x]


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