Zach Bjorklund - The Challenger

These zealous warriors press onward
Hoping to enter the next stage of their quest
But the only passage around for miles lies before them where the mountains of east and west converge
To meet the deadly depths, the center of the land
The musty earth has consumed them
The looming fog has settled across the bottom of the ravine
Before them stands their greatest enemy, tall and mighty, one and all
From front to back as far as the eye can see
With no time to spare the armies lunge forth
The showdown begins in a tidal wave of decimation
Amidst the carnage, the leader meets eye to eye with a true hero
He knows a man worth fighting when he sees him, and he only came to kill this one
The giant slowly descends the rocky slope to deliver the hero's doom
Meeting the clammy bedrock, he swings his enormous mace to and fro
The hero's eyes follow
To them, the surrounding chaos becomes... Quiet
The real showdown is about to begin...

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