N8 the gr8 - Medianoche en miami

Medianoche en miami
Sígueme mis amigos
Atrápame si puedes

Damn you looking good
Im trying make you all mine
Fell in love with ya videos
I ain't talking bout on vine
Life is just climb
So let's do it together
Told you on Uncommon Sense
All we can do is get better

I got some mean handles
Earthquake on the court
Balling in and out the booth
Im just a good sport

Hit me up with a curve
Cytochemistry Relay
Another flawless victory
Another one to replay
I wanna be ya bae
Aye just let me love you
Boxing for ya heart
Knocking niggas out for you

You really is star
And I'm ya number ya fan
You always fucking beautiful
And I know you don't tan
Im just tryna be ya man
Let me show whats real
Know you tired of the fake
That's the same way I feel
Back to reel
My love for you a movie
Only happy endings
You my best friend and homie

I got you feeling Fiona
When I'm flexin like shrek
I know you in tower
Me and blaze comming
Don't worry I won't forget
But just promise me this
While you steady waiting
Keep fucking with the boy
I love when you patient
You the doctor
Im the patient
In your eyes you got the cure
Love when you happy
Im tryna make it my chore
Bae im back for more
I could never get tired
Foot on the gas
Let me rotate my tires
Nate never expires
Better and better
With the time
Shakesphere with the pen
Jigga with the rhymes

It's always been my time
But I keep hitting snooze
Afraid to let y'all down
I really hate to lose
Next chapter
Spanish Trap
You can't control my cruise

I want you so bad
Damn you so pretty
With ya beautiful eyes
Attitude straight siddy

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