Passion - As the...

Erick Sermon Intro:
y'all know what's about to happen
We get more dangerous then Michael Jackson

Verse 1:
The Passion experience niggas just don't understand
In this lyrical land I expand like rubberband
See this is for my niggas and my bitches hitten switches
With 1-6's lifestyle of the riches
Hip hop is the same as the drug game (word up)
Now the money and the fame depends on your name
I'm the P-A-S-S-I-O-N
You better tell your crew and you better tell your friends
That I kill verbally take it personally
The music industry ain't ready for me
Cause I thunder like storms and I thunder like claps
When I bring the noise on funk tracks like Anthrax
Somebodys coming better, naw nigga never
My squad comes together like bullets and Berettas

As the world goes around "Round and round.
The world goes around and round"
As the world goes around I'm breakin' down competitors
"The world goes around and round" (x2)

Verse 2:
Always and forever, I'm a bring the terror
Passion coming through like WHATEVER
Cause I'm ready for war tonights the night
God bless your life when I come through this mic
With a brain like a tricker, bustin' like a gun (yeah)
Cockback my tongue like a 30 magnum
When the verbal starts to peel you better get you vest
Cause my verse gets worse then hollow tips in your chest
When I break niggas up like Smokey in the Miracles
With the lyricals that be Underground like Digital
Who's the next fool to step up and be the bravest
You want to be couragous I get up in your anus
Like an introvenus penis (whoa)
Passion bring it fuller the lyrical killer gettin' iller with the stealer
If you say my name in vein I bring it to your brain
Like Curt Cobain going insain (yeah)

Verse 3:
Nigga what's the controversy? What's the conflict?
Def Squad is my click and I don't hear shit
I bring it to beginners sinners and all contenders
And I don't give a fuck about your sexual gender
Come and get it and if you said it you'll regret it
The heros are dead but the coward lives to tell it
If you come around town I'll shut you down like a zero
Why you want to die like a hero (nigga)



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