J Bengoy - Don't Talk (Live)

You were sitting at the top of the stairs
You know, those linoleum one we installed two weeks ago
And you had this
Big ole evil grin on your face
Like I had done something wrong
But you hadn't admitted it yet

So I said hey little lady what's going on
And you said
What kind of demeaning question is that
That's not conducive to anything at all

And we looked at each other in
Because we both know
We don't talk about it

I was losing my luminescence
While you were becoming
Increasingly enigmatic
A hole was opening up
In the staircase wall
Inch by inch
Meter by meter
Yard by yard
It was swallowing up my head
And I forgot my name
And you forgot mine too
Because if we're honest
We'll acknowledge
That we don't talk about it

You were losing your vagabond clothes
I was losing what I'd come to know
Which is
We don't talk about it

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