S.H.L. Ttr - Changed

Now she say I changed, yeah
All I did was swerve in different lanes yeah
Turned them 100s into pocket change yeah
Turned the silver into diamond rings yeah
Girl I swear I'll never change no
I jus want the money, not the fame no
Saying it'll never be the same no
But just take a look at what it came to

Girl like what you mean?
I get that cash now
Told you I'd run it from nothing to something I go get the bag now
Said you want money, want Louis, I got it so why is you mad now
Said that the money is changing me, you really hate how I act now

Damn, I didn't realize
Baby, I feel fine
For once in my life, I feel alive
Now look at my wrist, a sea of ice
For all of your gifts I'd roll the dice
Now they a real surprise
I'll cop you them kicks, girl any size
I'll get you that whip, girl black or white

And now she leaving me
I seem to fuck shit up too easily
And now my own family won't talk to me
Now all of my day ones are blocking me
They saying I lied, now they mocking me
I told 'em the money wouldn't get to me
And now all the cash got the best of me
I'm lost, yeah I can't find the rest of me

Can't find myself
Damn, I need help
Got all the pills right on top of the shelf
That purple a spell
We pour by the L
I thought that she loved me but she loved the smell
Gone in the haze
Lost in the faze
Almost got tattoos all over my face
All of this cake
Won't keep me safe
Need to watch out for them niggas with K's

Now they say I changed, yeah
All I did was switch in different lanes, yeah
Turned them 100s into pocket change, yeah
Turned the silver into diamond rings, yeah
Fuck, I didn't wanna change, no
I jus wanted money, not the pain, no
Should've known it wouldn't be the same, no
I don't like what this shit really came to

Came up from the basement, yeah
I don't fuck with fake shit, nah
I don't like the changes, nah
Now I have to face it, uh
Now I'm facing cases, yeah
Fuck it, they can't trace it, nah
Lil Burr look wasted, yeah
Bloomboi said don't waste it, uh

Sip 'til I can't taste it, smoking Backwoods 'til I'm passing out
Molly, think they laced it, now a nigga fucking lashing out
Want that shit, I'll pay it, cuz you know a nigga cashing out
Money in the cases, grab that shit, well I'll be dashing now

Wanna go back to the niggas I'd die for, I swear I don't like being lonely
Wanna go back to Lil Burr, smoking blunts with the Xannys, yeah he's my real homie
Wanna go skate, hit them treys, with them fakies, get high with my real nigga Stoney
Wanna go hit up the mall with Beshar, then we ball, got me shooting like Kobe

Wanna go get him an AP, all iced out, you know that he want his wrist snowy
Wanna get YungK a chain, Cuban Lynx, so much water, they think that he holy
Wanna go get something nice for my sister, some Louis or maybe a Roley
Swear if you think that I'm selfish then back off cuz nigga, you don't really know me

Why'd I have to change, yeah
All I did was try them different lanes, yeah
Turned them 100s into pocket change, yeah
Turned the silver into diamond rings, yeah
Fuck, I never wanna change, no
I won't let the money keep me sane, no
I got taken over, that's a shame, yeah
Need to watch myself, control my brain, yeah

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