Værisa - Chapter III: L e m u r i a

I've never felt your sunrise
But you have seen my closed eyes I wish we could harmonize
Say our goodbyes
You're still so far from me
The signals never reach I can't sit patiently
What are you standing up for?
This smoke transpires Still this clouded curse Sends you inside Breathing in fire

Your eyes they shake
With such fragile thoughts
You wonder how we will survive
Breathing out of time
I never read those fine lines
But you've been lost in high tides I hope someday we'll find
We're the end lies
I know we're worlds apart
But we still share these stars
That's what I'm running towards I feel I'm fading away

If you could go back
Would you do it all the same
If you could know
That there wouldn't be an easy way
Would you do it all the same
Cuz I would do it all again

Can't win this war without you

This feeble faith will follow through
You wonder how we will survive
It'll just take time

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