T-error machinez - The war of the valkyries

She saw, her, the Valkyries,coming from far
Ready to ride, to the goth population
Skuld hold the shield

The second one was Skögul
Gunnr, Hildr, Göndul
And Geirskögul

Now I have listed
The girls of heriann
Ready to ride
The land, the Valkyries

The war of the valkyries has started
And the resistance is weak
Death from up, death from down

Blood and death

Eins, zwei, drei, gehen Walküren

Soldiers in bunkers, soldiers and tanks everywhere
The valkyries hits the soldier like a lightning and kills a million people
Many tries to escape the war and many fight to survive

War and death

Eins, zwei, drei, the resistance is getting stronger
Vier, fünf, sechs the alliance will save us

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