T-error machinez - Lovers cursed (feat. xperiment)

Go to war and leave everything in the hand of love
Your absence betrays and your heart perishes
You gave everything and you lost it for a whore

Love is a trap and the soldiers are in uniform
The cursed lovers deteriorated and war advances

Love, death, betrayal
Love, death, betrayal
Love, death, betrayal

You fell in the below
You are mentally confused
You are deteriorating and lacerating
You are cursing and accusing you gave enough and you have been betrayed

Accept everything this because she isn't the right weapon
Unfold, shoot
War is coming and you hear the voice in the transmitter,Feuer Frei

Bang, bang
Love, death, betrayal

You are the ghost of revenge
But to her usn't worthy
She was a weapon like every else

Feuer Frei

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