Billy Gilman - About Things That Matter

(It matters that the world knows...)

We must celebrate the gift of life
Every day in some way
We must always remember
to play after every storm
All children are truly blessed
With innocent gifts of gentleness,
trust, and compassion
To guide the wisdom of the grown-ups
We all have a song in our heart
that inspires us in good times
and hard times
If we take the time to listen...

It matters
It matters
Oh, it matters
that the world knows

Our senses help discover
the hidden and not-hidden
Enchantment in life
if we use them
We must carefully choose our words
and wants or we could
forever hurt others
with these dangerous weapons
Strength and value of all things created
must be measured by character
and commitment
Rather than by might or by wealth...

It matters
It matters
Oh, it matters
that the world knows

We must heed the lessons
of everyday life
Through the celebrations
of children and heartsongs
senses and words
Or we could lose in our journey to the future

It matters...

(A person
by my name and being
existed with a strong spirit and an eternal mindset
to become a peacemaker for all
by sharing the things
that really matter)

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