Proper dos - First day of school

Damn! I'm late by a muthafucken hour.
I still gotta iron, and take a fuckin' shower.
Had my jaina crease up my dickies,
Put a close hood on my neck,
So my other jaina wouldn't see me hickies.
Got dressed starting running down the block,
The fuckin' bus just left the bus stop,
So I had to just kick back,
I asked this lady for change,
the bitch almost had a heart attack.
I said ain't this some shit,
The bitch was as prejudice as prejudice can be.
And if that wasn't enough,
The old hoe told me to go back to Mexico.
I wanted to kill the ole crow,
but I ain't goin' to prison for a senior citizen,
SO I got on the bus,
and I was on my way.
I knew today would be a fucked up day.
I don't know how it works for you,
but this was the beginning of my first day of school.

After 20 minutes finally found my homeroom-in a bad mood,
to top it off the fuckin' teacher was rude.
He said "Go sit down" and threw me a book,
Just my luck a fuckin' history book.
Opened up I seen some pictures of some crooks,
Some fools that killed Indians by the millions,
but was if I was killing by the millions would I be a hero?
Chale! They'd throw my Brown ass to Chino.
If them people didn't take the land away,
Maybe today, we would be gettin' decent pay.
Maybe we wouldn't be selling food on the off ramp,
Maybe Chicano's face would be on the US stamp.
But like I said "you never know,"
He told me "This land was free,"
"But you didn't tell the border patrol,
cause they're the ones that's always blasting."
It's my raza, but they're always harassing.
And that thought got me pissed,
so I pushed my book off my desk,
and took a lil' rest...
on my first day of school.

When to my next class-pissed off!
I thought it would be kickback cause it was woodshop.
But if I wasn't already provoked,
Some punks in the back cracking Mexican jokes,
I was gonna let it slide,
butmaybe I'm insane,
or I just got too much pride.
So I decided to do them.
I got up from my desk and I walked up to 'em,
I said "You heard the one about the loco cholo going solo?
Then I stuck him with my pencil!
"Or the one about th Mexican living the wacko life?"
I started waving my exacto knife.
The teacher started screaming suspension,
The security guard got my attention.
Ay holmes Didn't catch me chale!
I beat his ass down started running through the hallways.
Through the main gate, to the bus, to the store for some brew,
Nuttin better to do on my first day of school...
It was my last day too...

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