Proper dos - No turning back

Ay ese, ay homes, I want to get jumped in the neighborhood, I want to be
downbe down with
the clicka wassup? I want you vatos to jump me in, c'mon homes I'm down,
I'm down for
mines, es mi varrion

So you want to be a gangsta, and build your rep,
well kick back and I'll tell you how step by step.
First-you gotta show your homies that you're down,
to back up the varrio, to back up the town.
You either walk the linea,
or throw some chingazos with the main vatos,
get you ass kicked and give up some blood,
Now you got a placaso,
That's a nickname like shadow or huero
Watch out for the rat pack-get yourself a filero,
or better yet get a cuete
Rememeber red is for Norteno, blue is for Trece,
Sureno, the north and the south,
stop mad dogging me punk or I'll bust you in the mouth,
now you're dressed in black,
and you're ready to attack, but just remember ese-
there's no turning back!

Yeah yeah homes. I see what you're saying homes. I know there's no
turning back ese. Now
I'm in it, that's what counts, now it's time to party ese simon. Ay
let's go get some pisto
homes. I got some jainas on the line too. Call up the homies ese, we'll
just kick back tonight
homes, listening to some oldies, you know just party homes.

Now! Kicking back with the jainas and the homies-
that's the fun part.
But when shit starts,
you better have heart.
They give you a cuete and say "shoot!"
You better shoot or you're gonna get the boot.
"So there's your target pull the trigger,
or get your ass jumped out like you got jumped in or even quicker!"
Rolled up like a tamal,
Remember gang banging is a full time job.
No one has time for a part time loko,
pretty boy mocoso,
want to-be mafioso.
Talking loud saying that you're the craziest one,
but when shit hits the fan you're always the 1st to run.
And that's a straight out chavala!
Remember accion es mejor que palabras.
Action speaks louder than words and remember that,
and also remember ese- there's no turning back!

Damn ese! It was krazie last night! Chingo de jura fuccen swooped on us
in the parque,
something like ten car loads. Them placas was deep. They found a cuete
in my ranfla; fool
was trying to get a murder on me ese saying I was a prime suspect in a
dr I've by homes. I
might do a lil' tiempo, but you know, fuck it. Two beans in a bucket ese
que no? My homie
said I won't do too much time for that pedo. I'm ready for the pinta,
all the homeboy are in
there anyways

So I heard that you got some tiempo,
compared to pinta life on te street was simple,
but it didn't take an Einstein,
to tell you that all gangster do time.
Some do a year or so,
Some are on death row,
life without parole.
But you can go through this, just stick to raza,
and mind your own business.
It's kinda like the streets,
but now there's a man,
to tell you when you can't do it,
and when you can.
Your homies don't visit you, and you don't understand,
No jainas in sight, so say hello to your right hand,
And say good-bye to your familia,
cause when you mess up in here fool,
they'll kill you!
Only your memory will be livin',
but it was your decision,
There's no turning back!

Damn homes...maybe you were right. This isn't how I planned it. I
thought it would be a
party here with all the homies. Chale! There's nuttin to do here but
tiempo. Maybe when I get
out homes I'll start my life over. Yeah yeah! That's what I'll do,
settle down with my wife ese,
get a jale, and put all this shit behind me homes. Just forget about it
all homes. Just leave it
all behind me...yeah..I only got about..ten or eleven more years and
I'll be out..fuck it ese, I
guess you were right homes...t here's no turning back...

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