Cixqo - Magnify

Lato : Hey bro
How far naw bro
Cixqó : I dey
Lato : I dey de guy side now bro
Cixqó : Ok
Lato : You fit still make am
Cixqó : No no I no fit make am, I still dey go mechanic now
Lato : Aiit no shaking I'll do the song bro

Look, another day another round of
Something that can turn my talking problems and their sound off
Surely taking something and I prolly shouldn’t down all
It got me talking to myself like nigga get ur account up
Cos dem niggas living the life that I'm finning for
And I ain't even know it I might even get it more
Get a big ass house, a Benz get awards
Get book to perform at sold out tours
Even get abroad
But first I gotta find the perfect beat to bleed on
Separate the gutter from the better shhh that we on
That high grade, hoping I can get y’all to be on
My levels, it's the only way you got my shoulder to lean on
But I'm not here for the prize money
Cos I photosynthesize money
That's why they call it green
But bliss only exists when you sleep bobo
That's why my homies call it dream
Step up on the scene fresh and clean
But the empty Kom-Koms make the loudest noise from 2 miles we dey hear your pockets scream
Low key
Even if I clock 20 mill today still ask how e Dey be
Show me the way my G
But this the time of my life my nigga
I'm finna go catch a flight my nigga
If these new school of rap dudes a bunch of fools and ain't got a clue
Then how come I do it right my nigga huh?!
Say my name, you know I love to hear it
I'm the same dude I promise I still shop on credit
Collecting new loans just to pay off the old few loans
Oh God
I know it’s been a minute but now it’s too long
I put on
Still shining without a jewel on
Every song's got em wondering damn where did you learn
I set it off right, hey
Bet I got some purple I’ll holla Puffphet he always got plenty of Sprite, alright
How fine?
Shawty so fine
Now you ain't gon give it to me? Girl I heard you so kind
Well, I'm on my level
Hey, hasta luego
I'm gone bitch, hitting 1 to the name of this song bitch ok

Lato : Wetin you for like talk for this song
Cixqó : I no know, I no get anything to talk
Lato : Bros you gat say something for your fans out there just Incase
Cixqó : I no want make my voice dey this song
Just find anybody make them say anything wey dem wan talk
Lato : Aiit no shaking I’ll do the song bro
Cixqó : Alright
Lato : I'll call you back bro

So bobo how bout you smile again
The times I've failed is the only thing fi make me strong enough to try again
I know BCity's got me
But when I'm outtie
They prolly gon magnify the name (magnify, magnify)
Magnify the name (magnify, magnify)
How did you find the name (Lato)
Gimme the time & place (hol'on, hol'on)

Writers: Iordyeh Moses Aondofa , Ojo Josiah Topa , Osaretin Lato

Lyrics © Cixqo

Lyrics licensed by LyricFind