D. day - Too young to date

The boy next door
He's such a dream
But I'm only fourteen
He asked me out to the picture show
My eyes said yes but my mom said no
No way

He's got a car
And we might go far
But he took off my training bra
And it got back my Ma
Now I'm big trouble
Gotta' stay at home
And my folks ripped out the telephone

Too young to date (I really need it)
But I'm too young to date (I gotta have it)
'Cause I can't hardly wait (I really need it)
But I'm too young to date

Maybe some day we'll go steady
In a year or two I might be ready

Got to know the guy and
His name was Michael
He just told me about my
Menstrual cycle
Said the blood on his finger
Wasn't from a cut
Maybe someday I'll be a
Teen age slut
Says he really doesn't
Want to marry
He just wants
To pop my cherry

[Chorus x 2]

You know I'll get it in the end!

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