Rbl posse - Smoke a blunt

[I want to get high, so high] x5
[Lets' smoke a blunt] x16

[Black C]
Fuck the buddah
Pass me the mutha fuckin' chronic and the vega
And I'm only smokin' wit the fada
It's too many heads up in the house
So when I light this blunt
Best believe y'all gettin' yo ass out
We like that sticky icky green shit
And I mean this
Separate the mutha fuckin' buds from the seed pits
And don't quit
Until it have that ass chockin
No jokin
I can't keep my eyes open
And can't remember what was said to me
I lost track of the conversation
Once the blunts was gettin' fed to me
We gettin' blasted in the dope house
I'm choked out
I had to open a window to let the smoke out
We need some Vodka
To grab us some fuckin' Rossi
And bring it back to the spot for the whole Posse
And them become a new and get fucked up
Chest bust up
From all the smoke that just rushed up

[Mr. Cee]
Well it's like 2 and to the 3
I need some indo weed
I'm not no door but I'm keyed
So take a H-I-T and pass the joint
'cause ain't no kids in this house that need baby sittin
And don't be wantin' a stoge
You make a nigga feel like quitin
But I smoke fat batchs all day
I'm even smokin' the roaches
Till they turn into ants man
And you might say I got too much on it
But dank is like a criminal "America's Most Wanted"
So my nigga, if you want a hitta
You gots to go to the store and fade it wit the liquor
These trickas be gettin' these niggas good
Smokin' up they weed
And then they go and fuck anotha nigga in the hood
Yeah you know it
You act like you grow it
So since you givin' weed away
You might as well let me owe ya
Or do I treat you like a punk?
Buy a cigar and take yo shit and tell my niggas uhhh

[Hook] till end

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