Jayo felony - Can't keep a gee down

[Jayo Felony]
G to the you to the A-G-E
Feel the pump, on my set
Felon ego make everybody jump
Your ass never seen the inside of a cellar
A million dolla nigga bailin in Chuck Taylor's
you want to stop the gangsta shit it ain't happenin
Jumping out the fo' hittin switches then I'm cappin
Rolling through the set with blue rollers in a grudge
There's two of my best homies gotta face the judge
Take the best deal let the mutherfucker spit out
[ ? untranslated ? ]
I keep all your books on fat, it's a hooker for some skeezers
Let your crops sprout like Jesuses
I'm coming from the S-T-are double-E-T
Some pimp hoes jack fools and slang keys
Get me a chicken cut it up into 36 pieces
Then serve it to your nephews and nieces
You stepped on the wrong toe so let's clown
Back up off my gangsta rap nuts you can't get a G down

Chorus: Jayo Felony

The parole violator is coming from the perpetrator
If you dissing gangsta rap you gets the pipe (4X)
It ain't time to preach fool it's time to fight

[Jayo Felony]
Fuck all that preaching that shit can't save us(yeah)
Let my afro grow like Angie Davis
Ain't shit you can say to let my g ?? back
I'm letting off on my enemy ain't showing no slack
It's a fact all snitches need to be thrown in ditches
I sweat a loc for calling hooker hoe bitches
Your girl introduced us she said you couldn't see him
Until I hopped my ass in the motherfuckin BM
Now your on my nuts and my dick your suckin
Come in my room 2 o'clock in the morning were gonna be fuckin
No kissin me, no pictures and no concert tickets
Just a big ??? come lick it
Go ahead and call ?? I got the hoe on tape
And I was fuckin her so I'm straight
Tyson got railroaded for fuckin with them clowns
And he'll be the first to tell you
you can't keep a G down


[Jayo Felony]
I'm a G with no fuckin direction
Just a ass full of dope and a strap for my protection
Cutting bricks up slanging the rocks that i was holdin
Gotta keep the flow up to keep with the jones
Until the whole block dried up I was full of bank
And now we 40 deep in the motherfuckin holding tank
California youth authority is my next trip
Skinheads and eses to the bloods n crips
4 o clock in the morning with my shank
As I creep, comin like Freddy Kruger fool don't fall asleep
After too many years,they straight paroled me
You'll be back in two weeks the fuckin inmates told me
In your cell you dropped your fuckin noodles
You was on it when you scene me on the screen
and not on for Most Wanted
Now you want to play that rule but you'se a clown
You can't keep a G down


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